Tax Accounting

Tax and VAT services for small businesses

Some say that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Whilst this may be true, it doesn’t mean that you should take your tax accounting for granted.

At My Financepartner we believe that with the right tax accounting advice, tax can help to focus your decision making.

How? Picture this:

You’re operating in a competitive market with very little differentiating your product or service from everyone else. You need to do something to stand out.

One option might be to expand into new markets. Perhaps even overseas. Another choice might be to develop an innovative new product or service. In both cases you’re facing both significant risk and a cost.

But what if someone could help you to reduce both? With our tax accounting advice that’s exactly what we aim to do.

Drawing upon the knowledge of our 195,000 staff around the world, the My Financepartner tax accounting team will help you to ensure that your business is tax efficient.

In some cases that might be mean helping you to assess whether your business qualifies for R&D tax credits. After all not everyone that qualifies has to wear a lab coat.

In others it could involve calculating the rate relief that you might receive if you move into those new premises that you’ve had your eye on.

And if you’re thinking of taking on new finance we can also help you to work out whether the interest payments you’d pay are tax deductible too.

Our tax accounting advice will help you to assess whether those grand plans would actually cost you less than you think.

Our service

  • The compilation and submission of your annual corporation tax return
  • The creation of your monthly or quarterly VAT returns
  • Compiling your personal tax returns

Interested in finding out more? Then why not contact us today to see how we can help your business to grow.

Your business advisor, accountant, financial controller and bookkeeper all rolled into one

My Financepartner is a new accounting service for small and medium-sized businesses that puts you in control. You choose the services that you need, module by module, and we'll deliver them.

The service can work either as part of an existing in-house finance team or, if you’d prefer, as an alternative to hiring one at all. It’s the perfect solution if you’re scaling up or changing direction but don’t want to expand your back office. And all at a price you can afford.

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