Start ups

Get the right support from day one with My Financepartner

You might have developed a product that’s going to change the market. Or maybe you’ve finally decided to turn your passion into a business. The last thing you want when starting up your business is a complex accounting service with a big price tag.

Our accountancy and business support is scalable – you can take as little or as much as you need. No paying for services that you’re not using. It’s designed to fill in the gaps that you may face when starting up. So that could be taking on your accounting, or producing financial reporting to meet the needs of your investors. If you’re pre-trading and don’t need your reporting on a monthly basis, then you can choose something less frequent, like quarterly for example.

Or maybe you don’t want to hire a full-time person to look after all your finance needs just yet. We have additional services that include bookkeeping and payroll – so you get all the reporting and filing moved off your plate, and get your tax affairs sorted and set up right from day one. All within a pay monthly package that you can easily build your forecasts around.

A service designed to suit you, both today and in the future

If you’re thinking more about the future, then working with a globally recognised brand can help open doors. We will provide you with accurate and comprehensive management information, as well as an expert to help you to interpret it so you’ll face investors with confidence when reporting or looking for additional funding.

You’re not going to stay startup sized forever and as you expand, particularly if you operate overseas, your business will become more complex – so our services can scale around you. You can increase how often you meet with your Financepartner, how regularly you receive reports and of course tailor the services you get to suit. Our system can accept feeds from your existing system into our reporting solution so you’re kept in the picture on your business performance as you move into new locations.

And in terms of your business strategy, your Financepartner can introduce you to industry and market experts. From getting the best advice on exit planning, mergers and acquisitions or expanding abroad, we can make sure you’ve got the right support for your future plans – wherever and whatever they may be. Our service can grow with you – no matter how big you get.

Have we fired your ambitions? Then why not find out more about us and the services we offer? Let us listen to your plans for your business and together we can discuss what options could be the right choice for you.

Summary of key benefits

  • Face-to-face access to your dedicated Financepartner as often as you choose
  • A clear, real-time picture of your finances from our next generation cloud-based accounting software
  • Having PwC by your side when applying for loans or funding options
  • Telephone access to our national team of accountants as often as you want
  • No more time spent staring at spreadsheets

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