Period end accounting services

Reporting that you can trust

So you’ve had a good month, or at least that’s what your sales team are telling you. Demand for your products is apparently on the up and your staff seem happy. All you need now are the numbers to confirm that your business is growing.

If only it was that easy. When you’re running a small business, making sure that your numbers stack up each month is easier said than done. Invoices don’t always land when you expect them to and, despite best efforts, sales figures aren’t always submitted on time. Which often means that you can be half way into the next month before you’ve closed your books.

Technology can help, but it’s not the only answer. Getting your small business accounts in order at period end requires clear processes, an experienced team and no shortage of tenacity. Without all of these things you’ll always be one step off the pace when it comes to making decisions on the direction of your small business.

How we can help

Your experienced Financepartner, supported by our team of qualified accountants, has worked with businesses of all sizes in all sectors to help manage their period end reporting more efficiently. Which technically involves:

  • Regular reconciliation of bank accounts to ensure that money going in and out on the system agrees to what is actually happening in your real bank account
  • Reviewing customer payments owing and accounting for payment in advance of goods and services
  • Reviewing supplier payments due and accounting for goods/services received but for which payment has not been made
  • Helping ensure that any loans or hire purchase agreements are appropriately treated
  • Calculating loan repayments
  • Making provisions for any doubtful payments within the accounts
  • Recording Fixed Asset additions and disposals, and calculating the depreciation to be charged based on your accounting policies
  • Reviewing stock position
  • Preparation and review of VAT returns
  • Undertaking an analytical review of your profit and loss account to highlight any inconsistencies

With the help of our tax accounting team we’ll also keep an eye on your tax position, giving you a clearer view on just how big that bill to HMRC will be at the end of the year.

But it doesn’t stop there. With accurate and up-to-date data, you’re in the best possible place to assess your business performance. Our management information reporting is provided in an interactive format – so you can assess the bigger picture or dive into the details. And your Financepartner can also help you to interrogate your data and identify any issues, concerns or opportunities you might have missed. Leaving you with the confidence that you’re always making decisions based upon the facts.

So call us today to find out how we can help.

Your business advisor, accountant, financial controller and bookkeeper all rolled into one

My Financepartner is a new accounting service for small and medium-sized businesses that puts you in control. You choose the services that you need, module by module, and we'll deliver them.

The service can work either as part of an existing in-house finance team or, if you’d prefer, as an alternative to hiring one at all. It’s the perfect solution if you’re scaling up or changing direction but don’t want to expand your back office. And all at a price you can afford.

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