My Lawpartner: small business legal support that works

All businesses need to be legally compliant, and the costs of not following laws and regulations can be costly. For SMEs the expense of traditional legal services can be crippling when things go wrong, and even ensuring your documents and policies are compliant can be costly and time consuming. My Lawpartner has been designed to provide small business legal support that makes sense for SMEs and startups.

You get:

  • online access to hundreds of legal document preparation services
  • access to a specialist legal team for document review, unique amendments and sign-off
  • comprehensive jargon-free guides to business law

The service means that you can handle all the necessary legal and compliance activities, including:

  • hiring staff
  • ensuring health and safety compliance
  • creating employee handbooks
  • dealing with disciplinary issues
  • protecting ideas
  • starting a partnership
  • chasing debtors

The need for small business legal services

The impact of taking legal action or seeking traditional legal services can be far reaching.

  • SMEs reported 40,000 legal problems in the last year
  • 50% of firms said the issues had negative implications for their business
  • 87% of SMEs have no internal legal capability

It’s easy to see how the costs can mount, causing real damage to your business.

The benefits of My Lawpartner for SMEs

My Lawpartner brings the following benefits to help small businesses deal with legal compliance:

  • Cost effective. Far cheaper than traditional legal services.
  • Simple. My Lawpartner uses a series of simple questions to deliver the legal solution you need.
  • Convenient: Accessible anywhere, anytime, so you get legal advice and support on your terms.
  • Comprehensive: An extensive range of documents and policies to make sure you comply with all business laws and regulations.

Choose your service

There are two levels to My Lawpartner:

  • Digital only. You get access to jargon-free law guides and latest legal information. In addition you can create essential legal documents from health and safety documents to employee handbooks.
  • Review and advice. You have access to everything from the digital-only service, but also get access to a specialist legal advice will check and if necessary, make bespoke amendments to any document created through My Lawpartner. In addition you can call our 24-hour helpline for general business advice on employment, employee health management, health & safety, tax and VAT and much more

My Lawpartner is a one-stop-shop for small business legal support. You can feel confident that you are protected and focus on the growth of your business.

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