Manufacturing accounting

Every business needs an accountancy partner that understands their industry and those in the manufacturing sector are no exception. As a sector finely attuned to the need to manage its working capital efficiently, getting the most from their investments is second nature. And when it comes to investing in a new manufacturing accounting partner the very same rules apply.

As a PwC firm, we bring years of experience of working with manufacturing companies so we’re well aware of the industry’s sensitivity to both working capital management as well as economic swings.

Even as the UK economy as a whole fights its way back to strength, the nature of the manufacturing industry continues to present more challenges than most. As your manufacturing accounting partner we’re always focused on helping you to keep track of your available cash and to closely manage your costs. From the internal challenges associated with managing your debtors and creditors, through to external problems inherent in exporting your products through an increasingly complex and often international supply chain, we’ll help you to stay in control.

And with your own dedicated Financepartner on hand to share advice on how best to grow your business, it’s a service unlike anything else on the high street.

Using our next generation cloud accounting software and, if you need it, interactive management information reporting, your Financepartner is more than just your accountant. They’re your personal financial controller, business advisor and also a member of your team.

Right from the start you choose how often, where, when and how you meet your Financepartner. If you need them, they’ll be there. Even if that means joining you at your board meetings.

You’ll also gain access to our national team of accountants as part of your package. Meaning that you’re only ever a phone call away from finding an answer to all of your accounting questions.


Our monthly service plans are scalable so you’ll always get the kind of assistance you actually require. And you’re in complete control of the services you receive, so if you don’t need something, you won’t pay for it. But the beauty of our service is that as you scale up, so too can the services we deliver, giving you the reassurance of an enduring and consistent relationship. Whatever your manufacturing business is producing, there’s one thing that we want to help you to create: a successful company.

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