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Find out what’s really going on in your business

When running a growing business, making sense of the numbers is never easy. The more information you have, the more difficult it becomes to understand.

Working out with any degree of accuracy which products or services are making or losing you money, which sales channels are the most effective and why, can be as difficult as nailing jelly to the wall.

By the time you’ve closed month end, collated all of the necessary spreadsheets, spoken to your colleagues and compiled your management information pack, you’re probably already half way into the month. And even then, you may get additional requests from your Board or investors.

When your ‘time is money’, spending it compiling management information is less important than interrogating and acting upon it. After all, you’ve already got enough to do running your business.

Our local Financepartner will take the time to get to know your business and what’s important to you. They’ll then work with you to create a personalised management information pack that reports your numbers in an easy to understand visual format that your board, bank or investors can interrogate in as much detail as they like.

Want to know:

  • Which products and services make the most profit and which lose you money?
  • Which customers or suppliers are most important to your business and what impact a change to your existing relationship would have on your finances?
  • How many staff you need to employ at different times of the day or year to cope with the peaks and troughs in your sales?
  • How quickly you’re burning through cash?
  • What impact changes to your operational costs could have on the profit of each product or service?
  • How efficient your distribution chain is and where savings could be made?
  • Which sales channel or staff are the most cost efficient and effective?

If so we can help find the answer to these questions as well as many others. Leaving you with confidence in your data and the time necessary to drive growth in your business.

How it works:

4 step process-01

So if you want to avoid unwanted surprises and make sure that your decisions are based upon the facts, then why not contact us to find out about how we can help your business. Let our numbers do the talking. They’re not as big as you might expect.

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