Business strategy

Using your numbers to make better decisions

As a successful growing business you’ll be used to battling the odds. And nine times out of ten it’s been the quality of your business strategy that has enabled you to come out on top.

But as you enter into the next phase of your growth, and the complexity that this brings, you’ll also need a clear plan for managing your finances. If you don’t you could soon find that your business strategy is actually holding you back.

After all, the more customers you have, the more cash you’ll need to invest in the materials and people required to service them. And let’s not forget the need to put enough aside to cover those growing supplier and tax bills too.

At My Financepartner we understand just how important it is to get your finances working in sync with your business strategy. Unlike many local accountants, our service combines quality accounting expertise with access to the type of strategic financial advice that you would expect from PwC.

Our local Financepartners support growing businesses throughout the UK – working alongside the clients finance team (if they have one), management team and even the board. And unlike most local accountants they will even attend your board meetings if you ask them to.

As qualified accountants and professional business advisors they believe that compliance with statutory requirements is a by-product of what they do, not the reason for it.

Our Financepartners focus on:

  • Providing you with real time management information designed to help you to assess exactly how you’re performing against your business strategy
  • Delivering advice and insights on your numbers, to help you make the right decisions when growing your business
  • Connecting you with people on the ground who understand what it takes to implement your business strategy overseas
  • Providing you with insight on how the best businesses in your industry are managing their finances
  • Being the sounding board on which to test your ideas, and a constructive advisor on how to take them forward
  • Using their knowledge and networks to help you to find the most appropriate source of investment. And not just with the bank

Your business advisor, accountant, financial controller and bookkeeper all rolled into one

My Financepartner is a new accounting service for small and medium-sized businesses that puts you in control. You choose the services that you need, module by module, and we'll deliver them.

The service can work either as part of an existing in-house finance team or, if you’d prefer, as an alternative to hiring one at all. It’s the perfect solution if you’re scaling up or changing direction but don’t want to expand your back office. And all at a price you can afford.

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