Automotive accounting

Pardon the pun but automotive accounting support is about more than simply getting your business through its MOT.

With the UK already bucking European trends – it’s on course to break all-time records in automotive and parts manufacturing – good automotive accounting should be focused on making sure your finances are buoyant in the good times and resilient when they’re not.

Which is exactly what My Financepartner is geared up to do.

At PwC, our work with automotive clients of all sizes has given us insight into the unique pressures that the sector faces. Pressures like:

  • Fluctuations in currency and uneven global markets
  • Changes in regulation as sustainability, environmental awareness and carbon emissions become ever more important in the climate change debate
  • Keeping up with the latest innovations and sourcing the right electronic and software components to meet your customers’ needs

So with so much to take into account, choosing the right accountancy firm to support your business is an important choice. You need one that understands the market conditions faced by you, your suppliers and your customers. Sometimes though, companies with the scale to do all that can feel a little detached from the kind of personalised support you need.

At My Financepartner, we pride ourselves on being different. We make sure that you have a dedicated Financepartner who you’ll work with in person. Not just over the phone. After all, if you’re going to entrust your business’s accounts to somebody, you want to know who they are.

My Finance Partner - Automotive Sector

Not that we’re just here for accounts though. Your Financepartner can help you access PwC support and assistance across a whole range of matters, helping both your business and your leadership of it to further develop. Also, because we know that things never stand still in the automotive sector, our monthly service packages can be scaled up or down to suit you. That way you’ll never miss out on services you do need, or pay for others that you don’t.

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