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With funding and budgets being made to stretch ever further, schools and academies are likely to have their performance measured increasingly through their approach to back office and financials, in addition to traditional classroom achievements.

From marking homework to dealing with examinations and academic results, there’s already a hefty amount of paperwork and admin involved in running a classroom. So why add to it with all the statutory accounts and stakeholder reports? Outsourcing to an accounting service like My Financepartner means that our team of accountants can help you cut down on admin and improve your financial processes. Whether it’s cutting out repetitive tasks or introducing some of the best practice used by other schools as well as the wider business world, they can help you free up funding for classroom improvements. Without these burdens, your bursars and business managers can get on with the tasks that matter most in running your school or academy.

Getting on top of school finance is also a strong starting point for supporting your key decision making. Whether you’re a Governor or Head Teacher, you need to know how you’re performing at both an overview and detailed level. Our reporting tools seamlessly combine your financial information with other school specific data to give you monthly reporting that shows the context of your accounts. So you can clearly see how academic outcomes are being affected by financial decisions and vice versa. It’s a stronger negotiating position for contracts and securing the best deals, as well as an easy way to see at a glance how your plans for expansion or classroom improvements stack up.

Your local Financepartner is on hand to help you with efficient and accurate financial planning. They can translate the finances into the broader context of your future plans and support you with the budget and forecasting process. If you’re also looking for opportunities for additional funding, your Financepartner can support with the application process.

If you’re wondering how My Financepartner can fit in around your current systems, team and set-up, then you might appreciate the fact that the service is modular and scalable. This means you can work out where the gaps are, and choose the services to fill them. And because it’s a pay monthly service, there’s no need to pay for anything you don’t need. Whether you’re scaling up or down, it’s a simple and straightforward process. So you always get the right level of support.

My Finance Partner - Schools Accounting

And with prices starting from £500 a month, it’s also a lot more cost effective than you might think.

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