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Choosing an accountant to suit you

At My Financepartner we provide accounting services that meet your ambition, as well as your budget.

We encourage our clients to think about their strategy and ambition for at least the next three years and we ask who will be involved from an investor perspective.  If you’re a growing business, a lot will change in that time.

Entry into new markets, particularly internationally, will have tax and legal implications that must be understood by your accountant. Equally, if you’re seeking funding, you’ll want an accountant who can stand by your side as you persuade potential investors or build confidence in the stakeholders you’ve already got.

You’ll be taking important decisions that change the course of your business, so to help you, we provide high quality and accurate reporting to inform those decisions, and we are there to answer questions about how to interpret it.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, you’ll need an accountant who can support you and bring in specialists and prepare you for what’s ahead.  A software application or a remote service won’t be enough – you’ll need a person who can integrate with your team and be with you all the way.

Our clients tell us that when choosing an accountant they are concerned about the proximity and availability of their accountant, the quality of service, and of course whether they like the person who will become such an integral part of their business.

We know it’s a decision you’ll not want to take lightly, especially as switching down the line can feel like a lot of disruption.

There’s almost nothing we can’t do that relates to finances and accounting in the UK and overseas. We build a service to suit you – one that also works effectively with whatever accounting services you choose to retain in-house. We can also work with any technology package, or we can plug in our own.

Who are our clients?

We tend to find there are four types of company that choose to work with us: those who are growing and want to know that they’re growing in a profitable and sustainable way; those that are planning a change in direction and need to be sure the information they have is right, and that the business advice they’re getting is sound; companies seeking investment that want a well-known, trusted brand behind them; and some just like the ability to pick and choose the accounting services they need through our modular packages.

What you get

  • A modular, flexible accounting services package that suits your needs
  • A dedicated, qualified accountant who’ll get to know your business and will work with you in person to design a service that meets your needs
  • Your Financepartner at your board meetings, if you ask them to
  • Access to our central accounting services team who can provide answers to all of your accounting questions
  • No hidden hourly rate charges

So why not contact us today to discuss how our accounting services can help your business to grow.

What our clients say

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