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Successful growth and scaling up of your business naturally come with an expectation of change. But change doesn’t stop, no matter how established your business is. Having been through the rapid growth and expansion that got your business to this point, change now means finding ways to keep ahead of the curve and protect your business from what lies ahead. Getting it right can leave you more agile, with better insight and a more cost-effective back office. In fact, using a combination of automation, effective use of your current people and outsourcing where needed can mean your business operates at 40% lower costs than others in your market*.

But that’s only part of the prize. Sharper insight, and knowing what’s happening right now in your business is another part of the puzzle. You also need to know that you’re making the right calls and planning the most effective path for the future. At this point, reporting is less about gathering masses of data than getting the right analysis and support. That can make the difference when you’re looking for real insight during rapid changes.

Whatever your ambitions and whatever your size, that won’t be a problem with My Financepartner. We bring the experience and expertise to keep you informed of your business costs and performance, helping you keep a clear picture on how to move your business forward rather than getting lost in the detail of what’s happening right now. You can choose the combination of services you need to support your business, from tax and VAT returns to payroll and bookkeeping, all within a pay monthly package. Whether you’re looking to outsource some of your accounting needs in order to get better use of your people’s time or wanting the insight and analysis of some enhanced reporting and a chance to talk through your plans with your Financepartner, you can build a package to fit.

We’re not just here for accountancy services either; we can offer a full range of assistance and advice that will help you to guide your business through a period of change. If you are looking for some quick accountancy advice though, you can pick up the phone and speak to our team of national accountants as many times as you like for no extra cost. But if the advice you need is on how to expand abroad or something similar, then we have the people and expertise to help. We can connect you to PwC finance, regulatory and tax experts in 157 countries or share our insights across local, national and international markets and a huge number of industries.

Your business might be changing but what will remain constant is knowing that you have the back-up you need. Whatever kind of change your company is going through, we have the knowledge to ensure you make the most of the opportunities it brings.

Ready to find out more about us and why we’re perfectly placed to help your business change? We’d be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

Summary of key benefits

  • Face-to-face access to your dedicated Financepartner as often as you choose
  • A clear, real-time picture of your finances from our next generation cloud-based accounting software
  • Having PwC by your side when applying for loans or funding options
  • Telephone access to our national team of accountants as often as you want
  • No more time spent staring at spreadsheets


*Source – Breaking away: How leading finance functions are redefining excellence, PwC, 2015

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